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After marriage, I fell seriously ill and had to undergo a lot of treatment. These heavily powered drugs made me infertile. My sperm count had reduced drastically and things went downhill from there. I found your bottle and decided to give it a try. I am glad I did. Thanks.

- Shaun V, Victoria

CumMore worked wonders for me. I tried several semen enhancement pills, as I suffered from low semen volume and semen count. After I started using your product, I realized that semen and sperm issues are now a thing of the past. I now have thicker semen and a stronger sperm count.

- Harry S, Chile

My husband has increased his semen volume after he started CumMore. Thanks a lot to CumMore for reviving our sex life.

- Leslie D, Geneva

I was suffering from low sperm count for close to 8 years. My doctor advised me to take CumMore since its ingredients worked wonders against this condition. I really thank him for recommending CumMore because I have been certified as having normal sperm count!

- Ralph D, Mexico

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